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The Presbyterian Church in Canada
Region of Waterloo and County of Wellington

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Treasurer - Presbytery of Waterloo-Wellington

The Treasurer is accountable to the Presbytery through the Finance and Property Team Business Committee.

Job Description summary:
The Treasurer is required to manage all financial matters, income, loans, expenses, payroll, records, banking, special funds, statements, government filings and applications, as well as attend and advise all regular Finance and Property Team meetings, Business Committee meetings, Presbytery meetings, extra meetings, special committees, correspond with all of the above and congregational Treasurers, banks, Governments, PCC head office, and any other situation that arises.

Length of Contract:
3 Years, eligible for one additional three-year term and 1 additional 1-year term as a transition year.*
Annual Stipend: $10,800 minimum
Approximate Hrs per Week: 6 to 10 hours a week
If interested, please contact the Clerk of Presbytery at or 226-789-7457

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