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The Presbyterian Church in Canada
Region of Waterloo and County of Wellington

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Congregations of the Presbytery
The Presbytery of Waterloo – Wellington comprises 32 congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Its geographical boundaries are Guelph to the east, Cambridge to the south, Baden to the west and Mount Forest to the north.

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• Calvin, Kitchener

• Central, Cambridge

• Doon, Kitchener

• Duff's, Guelph

• Eden Mills, Eden Mills

• Gale, Elmira

• Joonim's Church, Waterloo

• Kitchener East, Kitchener

• Knox, Conn (2-point charge - St. Andrew's, Mount Forest)

• Knox Crieff, Puslinch

• Knox, Elora (2-pt. charge with St. Andrew’s, Alma)

• Knox, Guelph

• Knox, Palmerston

• Knox Preston, Cambridge

• Knox Waterloo

• Knox-Calvin, Harriston

• Kortright, Guelph

• Rockwood, Rockwood

• St. Andrew's, Alma (2-pt. charge with Knox, Elora)

• St. Andrew's, Arthur

• St. Andrew's, Fergus

• St. Andrew's Gordonville, Kenilworth

• St. Andrew's, Guelph

• St. Andrew's Hespeler, Cambridge

• St. Andrew's, Kitchener

• St. Andrew's, Mount Forest (2-point charge - Knox, Conn)

Two Rivers Church, Guelph

• Westminster-St. Paul's, Guelph
(amalgamated with St. Andrew's, Guelph and Knox, Guelph - October 2021)

• Westside, Cambridge
(amalgamation of St. Andrew’s Galt and St. Giles Galt – Jan. 2012)

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